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Robert La Roche Original Vintage
  Robert La Roche Original Vintage For more than 30 years Vienna-born Robert La Roche
has been creating finest eyewear.His sophisticated designs
were defined with „classic understatement“.
Due to unique materials, special colour-combinations,
his fine sense for proportions and love for details
he suceeded to achieve international reputation.

His designs and advertising campaigns have over the years received numerous awards and international acknowledgments. Robert La Roche Eyewear has been frequently featured in numerous international Fashion Magazines, as well as film, theater and television productions.
Robert La Roche has also worked as free-lance designer and consultant to prestigious companies such as Essilor, Hoya, Palmers, Calvin Klein, Escada, ic!berlin, Absolut Vodka.  

Robert La Roche sold his trademark in 1999.